The MCU just can’t seem to stop collecting replacement Starks. First, Richard Madden signed up as Ikaris, a member of the upcoming Phase 4 movie The Eternals, as confirmed during Marvel Studios’ massive San Diego Comic-Con panel this year. Now, as D23 Expo gets rolling, yet another alumni has reportedly been added to the mix–Kit Harington is turning his sword and dire wolf in for spandex, according to Deadline.

Which project Harington is reportedly joining is a mystery, but if it’s going to happen in Marve’ls Phase 4, The Eternals seems like a likely candidate–not just because of his former on-screen brother’s involvement, but because The Eternals is the only Phase 4 project with a confirmed ensemble cast at the moment. Other projects in the lineup include solo movies for characters like Dr. Strange and Black Widow, as well as solo streaming TV shows for the upcoming Disney+ service like Hawkeye and Loki. Otherwise, the slate has been left conspicuously team-less.

However, there is of course the possibility for Harington to be a part in an as-of-yet unannounced project. After all, Marvel Studio’s panels and presence at D23 has only just begun, and already reports of new projects, like a Disney+ show centered around Kamala Khan, have come trickling in.

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