Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event Puts on the Gloves

Pathfinder Town Takeover

Apex Legends is known for its battle royale shooter gameplay, loot, and heroes. In the latest event, Fight Night, not a lot of that matters. In the town can be found a futuristic boxing ring. Here, players throw down their weapons and abilities and can only eliminate enemies by punching them, expanding the game beyond the standard battle royale fare.

The boxing ring can be found in the town arena on the Olympus map, where Pathfinder has taken over the show. Inside are numerous loot balls that contain rare loot that aim to tempt players inside. While in the ring, players can’t be harmed in any way by those outside thanks to an impenetrable force field, but that doesn’t stop them lying in wait for you to leave. All normal matches will take part on Olympus, meaning more players get to join in the chaos.

There’s also the latest limited time mode that replaces the ordinary “Play Apex” match option for the duration of the event. The Airdrop Escalation Takeover offers more supply drops dotted across the map right from the off. The game starts with four drops and more land during every round. Each drop has a fully-kitted weapon appropriate to the Round number. Later rounds will also include equipment like armor. Players have to wait for the drops to arrive, though. Like Lifeline’s care packages, they’ll take around 15 seconds to drop onto the map once the round starts.

As well as the different game modes, there’s a new reward track with more cosmetics to earn through daily challenges worth up to 1000 points per day. There are also 24 limited time Fight Night cosmetics to grab. Those can be earned through Event Apex Packs that each contain one event item, or they can be purchased with Apex Coins or crafting metal. Collecting all items will earn players the Gibraltar Heirloom weapon.

Previous updates had decomissioned the MRVNs, but now they’re back in the Olympus map. Interact with them and they’ll give you loot. The happier they are, the better that loot will be. You can also pick up any spare MRVN arms you find lying around. Giving them back to an MRVN whose arm is missing will also give players a reward.

The Fight Night event is available right now and is part of Respawn’s ten-year plan for the game.

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