Apex Legends Season 8 Introduces New Legend Fuse

Apex Legends Fuse

Apex Legends Season 8, Mayhem, will kick off on February 2. New Legend Fuse will make his debut, as will a new weapon. There’ll also be a new Battle Pass, a new Ranked Season, and an altered King’s Canyon map.

Fuse is an extremely confident Legend who’ll never hesitate to blow things up. The problem is he doesn’t always think things through. The latest Stories from the Outlands trailer shows his interest in all things explosive. This began at a young age on his home planet of Salvo, where he and his friend found a “bloody beautiful” golden grenade that once belonged to the Freedom Fighters. As Fuse grew older, he joined the Freedom Fighters himself. A renowned brawler, he took his talent to the Bonecage fighting pits where he became the champion of Salvo and helped to fund their actions.

When Salvo joined Syndicate Space, this angered the Freedom Fighters. When Fuse announced he was leaving them, and Salvo, to join the Apex Games a fight broke out between him and his friend Max. That “bloody beautiful” grenade was detonated and Fuse’s right arm was blown off. Undeterred, he left his former friend behind and brought his talents to King’s Canyon.

Fuse is the 16th Legend to appear in the game, and his debut will shake things up in more ways than one. The King’s Canyon map has been “dramatically reshaped” thanks to his actions, although EA and Respawn haven’t told us how. The weapon of choice on Salvo will join him too. The 30-30 Repeater is a lever-action rifle with hard hitting rounds.

A new Season will bring a new Ranked Season and a new Battle Pass, of course. The latter will include over 100 items to earn, such as Legendary Skins, Apex Packs, and Holo-Sprays. More details on these have been promised for the future. Developer Respawn still shows no signs of expanding the game beyond battle royale just yet, although whether this will happen as part of the game’s ten-year plan remains to be seen.

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