Bloodborne is Getting a Fan-Made PlayStation X Demake

Bloodborne PSX

Bloodborne celebrated its fifth anniversary last year, and Sony seemingly has no plans to change the game’s PlayStation 4 exclusivity even after all this time. A fan has decided to take things into her own hands instead, but perhaps not for the platform you expected. Lilymeister, otherwise known as @b0tster on Twitter, is demaking the game with level designer @art_mino and they’re giving it a “PSX version.”

The demake started life in 2017 but development ground to a halt and the project file was lost. The game has recently been revived and a series of dev threads shows it in its current form. The Hunter keeps his distinctive tricorn and duster coat. Players will eventually be able to customise their characters, although only voice options exist right now. Meanwhile, the Werewolf remains intimidating in its own way.

The controls are currently based on a non-DualShock controller, so they’re inspired by Armored Core right now but are subject to change. The dev threads also detail the many camera systems being implemented into the game, including those that are more “period appropriate”. Other topics include combat, character movement, sound, weapons, health, cutscenes, save points, level loading, and death — you can’t have a Souls-like game without death.

Those who’ve watched the animations will notice the framerate seems too high for a native PSX title. This is because it’s just a representation of the style of the era and the game won’t actually be playable on an original PlayStation. Lilymeister has stated she will eventually release the game, although it’s most likely to end up on PC.

While Demon’s Souls has gotten itself a PS5 remake, Bloodborne shows no signs of joining it despite the rumors. Hopes of a PC port, or even a sequel, have also been dashed. As such, Lilymeister isn’t the only fan to take things into their own hands. Modder Lance McDonald has already created a 60fps patch for the game that runs with PlayStation 4 Pro Boost Mode. He promised to release the patch publicly after the PS5 console was released if Sony had no plans to release an update of their own.

Those who have yet to play Bloodborne can currently pick up the Game of the Year Edition at a reduced price in the Holiday Sale. Alternatively, PlayStation Plus members can download the game on the PlayStation 5 as part of the PS+ Collection.

[Source: Twitter via Gamesradar]

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