Not so long ago, Capcom surprised everyone with its Beat ‘Em Up Bundle, a selection of famous scrolling fighting titles which included Final Fight and Knights of the Round. Now, it would appear that the company is following this collection up with a second compilation, this time focused on a broader range of titles.

Capcom has released a trailer which shows a series of arcade titles reflected in the controls of a coin-op cabinet. From the footage, we can make out Darkstalkers, a one-on-one fighter in the same style as Street Fighter II (which is also included in this trailer). There’s also Aliens vs. Predator and Progear, two titles that have never seen the light of day outside of arcades, and Mars Matrix, a shooter which was also ported to the Dreamcast.

Capcom’s teasing an announcement tomorrow at 3PM, UK time.

Is this a new collection of games, or is Capcom planning on releasing these titles individually? Will they be coming to Switch? Let us know your thoughts with a comment.

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