Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige appeared on stage during D23 to discuss the upcoming animated show, What If? As announced previously, this series will explore alternative realities, where key moments in the MCU unfolded in a different way and created divergent stories.

A brief teaser was shown during the Disney+ panel and it showed Captain America going into the super solider chamber, but it explodes, creating a zombified version of the beloved hero. Peggy Carter was shown in a costume, indicating she becomes a super soldier. The series will be guided by Uatu, who Marvel fans may know as The Watcher.

The final shot of the teaser showed Steve Rogers in a mech armor, a little like the Hulkbuster suit, with Peggy riding on its back. Hayley Atwell, who played Peggy Carter for close to 10 years, showed up and referred to her character as “Captain Carter,” which Feige also mentioned a little later.


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