Hats off to Super Mario Odyssey for providing us with the perfect image for this article.

That famous Mario theme can be found everywhere – it’s featured in plenty of Mario games, it’s all over the internet, and it’s usually tucked away at the back of our minds refusing to leave us in peace from its super-catchy melody – but we never would have expected to find it inside Dino Crisis 2.

Yes, released on the PlayStation by Capcom back in the year 2000, Dino Crisis 2 was the sequel to the hugely popular – at least in our household – Dino Crisis. The game unsurprisingly centres around a grizzly collection of dinosaurs who’d love nothing more than to rip your face off, so when data miner @RSolidSnake11 shared the fact that a version of the Mario theme exists within the game’s files, we couldn’t quite believe it.

You can hear the whole thing below. The track was found within a trial version of Dino Crisis 2 and while we have absolutely no idea what it’s doing there, it’s possible that it served as some sort of test audio for the game’s developers.

It’s certainly a strange remix of the classic tune, although at least that would have added to the creepy dino vibes if it had been used in the full game.

How very strange.

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