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  • Final fantasy VII ever crisis the first soldier shinra trademarks remake

    Ever Crisis Final Fantasy VII Remake? New Square Enix Trademarks

    A set of curious trademarks were recently made by Square Enix, all appearing to relate to Final Fantasy VII. The publisher trademarked the phrases “Ever Crisis” and “The First Soldier,” as well as filing a trademark for the Shinra Electric Power Company logo. The phrases were filed on December 17, 2020, with the logo following […] More

  • Hitman 3 - The Final Preview

    Hitman 3 – The Final Preview

    It’s been quite a ride for Agent 47. Over the last 20 years, Hitman has gone from a stealth sandbox masterpiece to a misguided (but still very good) action-adventure to an episodic reboot. And now it’s come full-circle, with Hitman 3 serving as a full-scope capper to the reboot trilogy that set the series back […] More