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  • lost soul aside

    Lost Soul Aside PS5, PS4 Still in Development

    Here’s your annual reminder that Final Fantasy-inspired PlayStation-exclusive Lost Soul Aside is still alive and well, and it’s still in development for the PS5 and PS4, though that might change when the PS6 releases. Jokes aside, the game’s official Twitter account has published an interview with game director Yang Bing, who was once just a solo […] More

  • How To Play PS5 Games on PS4

    How To Play PS5 Games on PS4

    At first, playing PS5 games on a PS4 may sound a little backward. Surely it’s the current-gen hardware that should be running PS4 software and not the other way around? Though that’s logical thinking, Sony has developed features called Share Play and Remote Play that make it possible to play PS5 games on PS4 and […] More

  • Syphon Filter Platinum Trophy

    Syphon Filter PS5 PS4 Platinum Trophy Coming With PS Plus Premium

    When the list of games was announced for the upcoming PS Plus Premium tier, Sony mentioned that these games would be coming with new features. One of those features that weren’t mentioned at the time was trophies. However, Bend Studio has confirmed Syphon Filter will not only have a trophy list but will even come […] More

  • Puzzle-adventure game A Monster’s Expedition hits PS5 & PS4 today – PlayStation.Blog

    Puzzle-adventure game A Monster’s Expedition hits PS5 & PS4 today – PlayStation.Blog

    Hello PlayStation Blog readers! We’re thrilled to bring you the news today that A Monster’s Expedition, the award-winning, open-world puzzle game, is available today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In A Monster’s Expedition you play the role of the titular Monster, exploring an archipelago museum. Knock down trees and solve puzzles to move from […] More

  • Steve Jackson Games’ Ogre hits PS4 and PS5 today – PlayStation.Blog

    Steve Jackson Games’ Ogre hits PS4 and PS5 today – PlayStation.Blog

    The official adaptation of Steve Jackson Games’ legendary and multi-award-winning wargame, Ogre, is now available on PlayStation. Bursting with mechanised warfare, this turn-based strategy game requires a lot of tactical choices, and even more calculated thinking. Based on the original board game created in 1977, this game will transport you into another time. Here are […] More

  • Scavengers PS4 PS5 Canceled

    Scavengers Canceled for PS5, PS4 After Studio Is Sold to Behaviour Interactive

    Free-to-play action shooter Scavengers was released in Early Access on Steam just under a year ago. The game was due to come to consoles at a later date but that will no longer be the case. Both the PS5 and PS4 versions of Scavengers were canceled after developer Midwinter Entertainment was sold off the Dead […] More

  • Bloober Team Silent Hill 2 No Comment

    Bloober Team Has No Comment on PS5, PS4 Silent Hill 2 Rumors

    Bloober Team confirmed they were working with Konami almost a year ago, but nothing official has ever been announced about their collaborative project. According to rumors, that project is a Silent Hill 2 remake for PlayStation consoles. When asked about those Silent Hill 2 rumors, Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno made no comment for the […] More

  • arma ps5 ps4

    Arma PS5, PS4 Release Might Be Happening

    We’ve dreamed of it before but an Arma PS5, PS4 release looks set to become a reality, if a new leak is to be believed. Reddit user PlzDontBlame has shared what appears to be an authentic marketing and communications guide for Arma Reforger, a game that’s supposed to set the stage for Arma 4 as well […] More

  • elden ring ps5 ps4

    Elden Ring PS5 PS4 Sold Most Copies in U.S.

    Elden Ring PS5, PS4 versions sold most of the game’s copies in the United States but not by a wide margin, according to NPD’s Mat Piscatella. It took FromSoftware to release its highly-anticipated game to finally unseat Call of Duty as the best-selling game in the country – a record no other game has broken […] More

  • Sony not stopping Ps4 production

    Nintendo Switch Passes the PS4 in Overall Unit Sales in the U.S.

    The PlayStation 4 has slipped positions and is now the 5th highest selling console in U.S. history. The April 2022 NPD numbers report that the Nintendo Switch now holds the #4 slot and shows no signs of stopping. After passing the PS4, the only three consoles that outpace the Switch are the PS2, Xbox 360, […] More

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