A new firmware update for Switch has dropped and we’ve spent a good amount of time today examining the minutiae of Version 9.0.0. The jump from v8.1.0 has brought a few minor enhancements along with it, including the ability to search for specific articles in the News Channel, use a QR Code to interface with your Nintendo Account, set alarm notifications in supported software and change the sensitivity of the touch screen to better function with a stylus (handy if you’re playing Super Mario Maker 2). There’s also a Switch Lite-specific feature enabling you to turn on/off button input while you’re playing with a wireless pad.

A sexy blue notification LED that had us reminiscing about the old days of Wii and Wii U has also apparently been activated with this update, although an inter-office, cross continent effort to activate the blighter by sending a litany of invites and requests failed to result in a cool blue glow emitting from any of our pads. Quite why Nintendo would wait until thirty months after launch to activate this neat feature is a mystery, but we get the feeling that these ‘alarms’ and ‘play invites’ for ‘supported software’ probably refer to the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After all, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to flog your turnips because you slept in on Sunday, so a little alarm function on your Switch with lights and vibrations will come in handy. In the meantime we’ll continue trying to make the Home button light up (or just cheat and connect it to Steam) because we find these tiny bells and whistles inordinately exciting. Just look at that blue!

Still, there remains a host of features or alterations we’d love to see in future updates. We love Switch’s laser focus on games, but there’s plenty of room for the inevitable firmware v10.0.0 to provide some of the features we’ve enjoyed on past Nintendo consoles and have come to expect on a modern console. They’re familiar features and reasonable requests – it’s about time they turned up.

So, here is a short and sweet list of the top 5 things we’d most like to see in the next significant firmware update…

Of course, there are many other things we could wish for. It goes without saying that we’ve failed to mention ‘more stability’ on this list, but Nintendo hasn’t ever let us down on this front, with every update providing a footing more rock solid than the last. What things would you most like to see arrive in the next big firmware update for Switch? Let us know what you’re desperate for below.

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