Where to find candy in Fortnite to complete Hollowhead’s quests

Where to find candy in Fortnite to complete Hollowhead's quests

If you’re wondering where to find candy in Fortnite, chances are the other 99 people in your match are thinking the same thing.

There’s only one place to find Candy in Fortnite during Fortnitemares 2021, but you’ll need to gather a fair bit of it to clear Hollowhead’s challenges and earn some new rewards. Here’s where to look.

Where to find candy in Fortnite

This year, candy is only found in Pleasant Park in the northwest part of the map. Some have said it pops up elsewhere, but I’ve only seen it so far in the Pleasant Park neighborhood. Since this area is near the map’s edge, your best chance for candy hunting is at the start of a round, though it’s also the most dangerous with candy in such high demand.

You’ll run across it in a few guises. Some of the decorations outside houses include candy baskets, which you can bust with your harvesting tool to get several pieces at once. More common are the individual pieces of candy littering the sidewalks or scattered around inside houses. I gathered enough to complete the first challenge just by raiding two homes.

You can, and should, eat the candy like any other consumable, and it will still count toward the requirement. Every type restores a small portion of health, but some offer unique buffs as well, including speed enhancements.

Fortnite candy – Hollowhead quests

Your other Hollowhead quests include getting kills with the pumpkin launcher and to land while riding the broomstick. There’s much more to come after filling out the first round of Hollowhead’s punchcard, though, so plan on grabbing a fair bit of candy during each round.

There’s much more Halloween action in Fortnite aside from Hollowhead. Make sure to complete Dark Jonesey’s punchard, the Ariana Grande quest, and the new Ghostbuster’s-themed activities while Fortnitemares is still running.

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